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Mark Your Calendars! Elation Greetings Will Soon Be Providing Wedding Invitation Services!


Recently, I have been considering entering the world of wedding invitations. When some friends of mine decided to tie the knot, I was excited to offer to help them out with their invites!  We are still in the design phases, but I have really been enjoying playing around with some different design ideas.  I have already created several custom cut pocket fold templates, and I am working on a few different designs.  I plan to have a few different options in my etsy shop by mid-February, so check in again soon!


How to Make a Chalkboard Tray


Just before Thanksgiving I came across the blog “My So Called Green Life” and their up-cycled picture frame serving tray.  I was bummed that I hadn’t discovered it in time for the Thanksgiving festivities, but I finally have had time to make one of my own!

I started the project with a framed picture from Goodwill.  I made sure to pick one with a substantial frame so that I could add some handles.  I purchased the hardware for the handles at the home depot for just a few dollars.  I also got some bronze paint to match the handles.

Once I disassembled the frame, I covered the glass with an awesome product…chalkboard contact paper!  It is just like the contact paper that grandma used to use to line her cabinets, only better!  The decorative side of the adhesive paper is a material that you can write on with chalk!  I decided to use this instead of chalkboard paint on this project.

I then pained the frame, added the handles, and put it all back together.  I think it turned out great!  I also plan to put magnets on the back so that I can use it as a chalkboard for my refrigerator!  I learned the hard way, however that the magnets that you get at the craft store are not strong enough!